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The Firnelicht wants to be inspired by the typical Walser environment of the valley's hamlets, reusing materials such as old wood that tell stories and lived life. In its heart it recreates the alleys of a village that wind around a barn, a gathering place where people gathered surrounded by the old Stadel. The six rooms scattered around want to recreate the atmosphere of the houses and the life of a time. Their names, as well as the name of the structure, take up the titles of some lyrics by Conrad Ferdinand Meyer, a Swiss poet of the late nineteenth century who through his verses expressed in poetic and fascinating images the Alpine landscapes.

Nestled between the steep slopes of the fir and larch forests under the glow of the glaciers of the majestic Monte Rosa, the Firnelicht was born precisely from the attachment to this land and from the desire to share the magic of these unique mountains. In a natural and peaceful context, quietness and well-being will be just some of the elements of your stay that you can accompany with multiple outdoor activities according to what each season offers.

* Jacuzzi are available only in the Waldtraum, Abendwolke and Himmelsnähe rooms. - **All rooms have both terrestrial and satellite digital channels available on their TVs.
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